CROCKER MUSIC is a music provider now publishing original music, arrangements, and editions by Dean Crocker.

Digital delivery cuts costs, saves time and energy, and allows you to print the number of copies you need.
Digital copies of scores and parts are distributed freely, subject to normal copyright restrictions. Electronic music can be auditioned online.

Newest additions to the catalog

• Electronic. 5′35″
Flashes of brilliance?
Crocker—Laetabundus – Nusquam
• English horn, clarinet, bassoon & string quartet. 6′
A short, simple septet, loosely based on the Laetabundus, an 11th-century sequence for Christmas that was dropped from the Roman missal in 1570.
George W. Chadwick—Piano Quintet (1888)
• Piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello. 32′
A new edition based on an 1890 publication by Arthur P. Schmidt (Boston & Leipzig).


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