Vocal Music by Dean Crocker

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3 Hansenlieder (1987)
• Solo voice and piano. [English] 5½′
Settings of three slightly surreal poems by David C. Hansen. Fairly easy
3 Secular Anthems from The Sacred Harp (2020)
• TTBB Choir, a cappella. [English] 11–12′
Arrangements of early 19th-century American patriotic verses from the classic “Shape Note” tradition
3 Shakespeare Sonnets (2010-2023)
• SATB choir & piano. [English] 8′
A long-abandoned project refreshed, refined, and regenerated. (Settings of sonnets 12, 97, and 60.)
3 Wisconsin Sonnets (2015)
• SATB choir, a cappella. [English] 6½′
Texts from Wisconsin Sonnets by Charles H. Winke (1917)
As the Living Father Sent Me (1980)
• SATB choir and organ. [English] 2¼′
Communion meditation or anthem for church use. Fairly easy
At Midnight (2013)
•Voice and piano. [English] 8½′
Short settings of five poems by Sara Teasdale
De Rerum Natura (2019)
• Orchestra, Baritone voice and SATB choir. [Latin] 31′
A setting of selected texts from the poem by Lucretius
Dichtung und Wahrheit (1970)
• Tenor voice and flute. [German] 6¼′
Setting of four short poems by Goethe. Rather difficult
from Hamlet (2005)
• SATB choir with flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano. [English] 4′
Originally written in 1976; greatly revised in 2005
Goodbye My Friend (1985)
• Solo voice (or unison choir) and piano. [English] 3′
Christmas ballad, originally written for a musical for children
Harvest Home (1989)
• TTBB choir with strings. [English] 2′
Based on Henry Purcell‘s Your Hay It Is Mow’d, this piece is well suited for Thanksgiving or harvest-time. Very traditional, rousing male glee club number
I Believe In An America (2016)
• 3 equal voices (or choir), a cappella. [English] 1′
A short Round (or canon) based on one of Mitt Romney‘s more circuitous statements in 2012
Magnum nomen Domini (1978)
• 2-part choir and organ. [Latin] 1½′
Arrangement of a 14th century Christmas carol. Very easy
Poscimur (2009)
• SATB choir with piano. [Latin] 3½′
Choral setting of Horace’s Ode I:32.
Songs from Mortimer Collins (2022)
• Tenor voice, string trio, oboe, clarinet, bassoon. (Piano reduction provided.) [English] 13′
A setting of seven poems by English novelist, journalist and poet, Mortimer Collins (1827-1876)
SONNETS to Sundry Notes of Music (2020)
• Soprano voice, string trio, oboe, clarinet, bassoon. (Piano reduction provided.) 17′
A setting of five poems that were published in a 1599 collection entitled The Passionate Pilgrim
Walrus and the Carpenter, The (2005)
• SATB choir, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano. [English] 9½′
A jolly (yet dramatic!) setting of Lewis Carroll’s famous poem
Beethoven—Hallelujah from Christ on the Mount of Olives (1988)
• Orchestration for 10-piece ensemble [Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tpt, String quartet]. 6′
Useful for festive church performances on a budget, this arrangement is to be used with the normal choir editions.
Choral scores are NOT provided
Handel—Hallelujah from Messiah (2016)
• SSATTB choir, a cappella. [English] 3½′
The Hallelujah Chorus arranged for 6-part a cappella choir (or sextet?)
Inspired by an anonymous arrangement published in The Singing School Companion (1856)
Hawthorne—Whispering Hope (2008)
• Solo voice (or unison choir) with string quartet, oboe and piano. [English] 3¼′
A fresh look at the popular 1868 hit by Alice Hawthorne, who was actually a man named Septimus Winner


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