Electronic Music by Dean Crocker

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9/4 Ground (1987)
Electronic. 4¾′
Improvisation over a bass line.
Arion Rides the Dolphin (2012)
Electronic. 4′
A dolphin carried a poet from Lesbos safely back to shore.
Brooklyn Rain (1987)
Electronic. 23′
A slow rain in Brooklyn provides a lesson in English bell-ringing.
Chasing the Horizon (2007)
Electronic. 26½′
Inspired partly by Stephen Crane’s poem I saw a man pursuing the horizon and partly by some very particular horizon-chasing by friends, this piece could use a good choreographer. Anyone interested?
Cognitive Dissonance (2008)
Electronic. 3½′
Dick Cheney was never impeached.
Collective Effervescence (2008)
Electronic. 4′
The energy of the people creates the beliefs of the people?
Cultural Dissonance (2008)
Electronic. 2¾′
Sometimes things just don’t seem to make sense anymore.
Donnybrook Fair (2016)
Electronic. 10′
A bit of a free-for-all.
Drinking Music (1976)
Electronic. 9¼′
Three cheers for that big, old Moog sequencer! Some said it could only do eight notes in a row….
Droplets in the Cloud (2014)
Electronic. 2½′
It’s almost a memory…
Elucubration—Élucubrations (2011)
Electronic. 6′
An elaborately wrought fantasia; or mayhap, studious rantings.
Even Bedford Falls Has A Potter’s Field (2013)
Electronic. 3′
A little macédoine before you jump back on that bridge?
Late Heavy Bombardment, The (2016)
Electronic. 8′
Very early music?
Music Film (1975)
Electronic. 4′
A disturbing student score for a disturbing student film.
Orpheus ∶ Morpheus (2015)
Electronic. 5′
When the musicians need a nap…
Ouroboros (2018)
Electronic. 7′
The worm turns.
Palimpsest (2011)
Electronic. 4½′
A setting of LE DORMEUR DU VAL by Arthur Rimbaud.
Pandiculation (2020)
Electronic. 5′
“Stretching and stiffening one‘s self when sleepy, fatigued, or after awakening.”
Precipitous Perambulation (2019)
Electronic. 7½′
This all began one day walking home from the dentist…
Raoul 1975a
Electronic. 1¼′
Bleeps, bloops and blops quickly move from one speaker to another!
Raoul 1975b
Electronic. 3¼′
I have always found this little piece to be suprisingly relaxing. Maybe you will too.
Raoul 1977
Electronic. 6½′
Ah, the Mighty Moog… ☺
Raoul 1986
Electronic. 22¾′
This was an attempt to write “New Age” music. I was told it was too interesting…
Rare and Curious Phenomenon, A (original version, 1993)
Electronic. 10½′
Put together with Finale® and a Roland Sound Canvas, this music finally turned into an orchestral piece in 2016.
Slow Spring Sprung (1987)
Electronic. 2¼′
Quick little number with no particular purpose.
Snowball Earth (2014)
Electronic. 30′
The original chill.
Suite Nothings (2007)
Electronic. 10¾′
Perhaps you would like a little after-dinner suite?
Study (1987)
Electronic. 3—′
A little number exploring the many possibilities of a Casio CZ-5000, if you can believe that!
Synthesizer Madness (1986)
Electronic. 4½′
Some people hate synthesizers. Could this be why?
Tropistic Daze (2020)
Electronic. 8′
Involuntary realignment based on external stimuli—a song for our time.

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