MacDowell: Woodland Sketches Op. 51 (1896)

• Piano solo. 17½′

Edited by Dean Crocker, 2003

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Copyright 1898, P. L. Jung, New York; Published, 1899, Arthur P. Schmidt (Boston—Leipzig—New York)

Edward MacDowell , 1861/12/18 (New York)‒1908/01/23 (New York). Pianist and composer, pupil of Buitrago, Desvernine and CarreƱo in New York; Heymann and Raff in Frankfurt. Also studied at the Paris Conservatory. Professor of music, Columbia University (New York). It may be difficult to imagine what enormous influence he had on American music and the American musical public before his untimely death.

Ⅰ. To A Wild Rose
Ⅱ. Will o’ the Wisp
Ⅲ. At An Old Trysting-place
Ⅳ. In Autumn
Ⅴ. From An Indian Lodge
Ⅵ. To A Water-lily
Ⅶ. From Uncle Remus
Ⅷ. A Deserted Farm
Ⅸ. By A Meadow Brook
Ⅹ. Told At Sunset

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