Täglichsbeck: 6 Sacred Songs, Op. 45 (ca. 1863)

• SATB choir, a cappella. [German] 15‒26′

Edited by Dean Crocker, 2014

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Previously published, 1863 by Falter & Sohn (Munich)

Composed by Thomas Täglichsbeck , (1799/12/31, Ansbach‒1867/10/05, Baden-Baden). Täglichsbeck worked as conductor and violinist of several court orchestras; Kapellmeister of the House of Hohenzollern-Hechingen. Composed symphonies, concertos, several operas, string quartets and other chamber music.
This edition adds a piano reduction, places all lyrics properly in vocal staves, and attempts to achieve contemporary notation standards.

Ⅰ. Festlied [Solemn Hymn]
Ⅱ. Friede Gottes [Peace of God]
Ⅲ. Pfingstlied [Hymn for Pentecost]
Ⅳ. Abendlied [Serenade]
Ⅴ. Notruf an Gott [Psalm 85]
Ⅵ. Confirmations-Lied [Confirmation Song]

—Lyrics (except for no. 5) taken from Albert Knapp (1798-1864)

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