Music by Dean Crocker

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3 Haiku (2015)
• String quartet. 7½′
Three short pieces for string quartet
3 Hansenlieder (1987)
• Solo voice and piano. [English] 5½′
Settings of three slightly surreal poems by David C. Hansen. Fairly easy
3 Secular Anthems from The Sacred Harp (2020)
• TTBB Choir, a cappella. [English] 11–12′
Arrangements of early 19th-century American patriotic verses from the classic “Shape Note” tradition
3 Shakespeare Sonnets (2010-2023)
• SATB choir & piano. [English] 8′
A long-abandoned project refreshed, refined, and regenerated. (Settings of sonnets 12, 97, and 60.)
3 Wisconsin Sonnets (2015)
• SATB choir, a cappella. [English] 6½′
Texts from Wisconsin Sonnets by Charles H. Winke (1917)
9/4 Ground (1987)
• Electronic. 4¾′
Improvisation over a bass line
Apocatastasis (2015)
• 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, alto clarinet or basset horn, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons. 13′
Reconstitution, restitution, or restoration to the original or primordial condition
Arion Rides the Dolphin (2012)
• Electronic. 4′
A dolphin carried a poet from Lesbos safely back to shore
As the Living Father Sent Me (1980)
• SATB choir and organ. [English] 2¼′
Communion meditation or anthem for church use. Fairly easy
At Midnight (2013)
• Voice and piano. [English] 8½′
Short settings of five poems by Sara Teasdale
Avalon (2023)
• Electronic. 3¾′
An island in Arthurian legend.
Brooklyn Rain (1987)
• Electronic. 23′
A slow rain in Brooklyn provides a lesson in English bell-ringing
Chasing the Horizon (2007)
• Electronic. 26½′
Inspired partly by Stephen Crane’s poem I saw a man pursuing the horizon and partly by some very particular horizon-chasing by friends, this piece could use a good choreographer. Anyone interested?
Cognitive Dissonance (2008)
• Electronic. 3½′
Dick Cheney was never impeached
Collective Effervescence (2008)
• Electronic. 4′
The energy of the people creates the beliefs of the people?
Colloquy (2023)
• Alto clarinet & bassoon. 4¾′
A conversation, barely derived from a French cooking show.
Coronach (2016)
• Piano solo. 8′
Elegy for friends no longer here
Coruscating Ephemerons (2011)
• Flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, trumpet in C, trombone. 11′
A flash in the pan? (Look—something shiny!)
Cultural Dissonance (2008)
• Electronic. 2¾′
Sometimes things just don’t seem to make sense anymore
Dance for Cathy (1972)
• Flute, alto sax, trumpet in C, horn, trombone, vibraphone, piano. 4¼′
Very slow and serene without implied movement
De Rerum Natura (2019)
• Orchestra, Baritone voice and SATB choir. [Latin] 31′
A setting of selected texts from the poem by Lucretius
Dichtung und Wahrheit (1970)
• Tenor voice and flute. [German] 6¼′
Setting of four short poems by Goethe. Rather difficult
Donnybrook Fair (2016)
• Electronic. 10′
A bit of a free-for-all
Drinking Music (1976)
• Electronic. 9¼′
Three cheers for that big, old Moog sequencer!
Droplets in the Cloud (2014)
• Electronic. 2½′
It’s almost a memory…
Elucubration—Élucubrations (2011)
• Electronic. 6′
An elaborately wrought fantasia; or mayhap, studious rantings
Eris sui generis (2022)
• Electronic. 4′
A 1975 exercise in computer-assisted algorithmic composition resurfaced and turned into a nice little synthesizer ditty
Even Bedford Falls Has A Potter’s Field (2013)
• Electronic. 3′
A little macédoine before you jump back on that bridge?
from Hamlet (2005)
• SATB choir with flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano. [English] 4′
Originally written in 1976; greatly revised in 2005
Gallimaufry (2022)
• Woodwind ensemble & percussion 7′
Band piece without the brass
Goodbye My Friend (1985)
• Solo voice (or unison choir) and piano. [English] 3′
Christmas ballad, originally written for a musical for children
Harvest Home (1989)
• TTBB choir with strings. [English] 2′
Based on Henry Purcell‘s Your Hay It Is Mow’d, this piece is well suited for Thanksgiving or harvest-time. Very traditional, rousing male glee club number
I Believe In An America (2016)
• 3 equal voices (or choir), a cappella. [English] 1′
A short Round (or canon) based on one of Mitt Romney‘s more circuitous statements in 2012
Laetabundus – Nusquam (2024)
• English horn, clarinet, bassoon, string quartet. 6′
A short, simple septet, loosely based on the Laetabundus, an 11th-century sequence for Christmas that was dropped from the Roman missal in 1570
Late Heavy Bombardment, The (2016)
• Electronic. 8′
Very early music?
Magnum nomen Domini (1978)
• 2-part choir and organ. [Latin] 1½′
Arrangement of a 14th century Christmas carol. Very easy
Marching Machine (2022)
• Electronic 9½′
Can you keep a beat? Where?
Music Film (1975)
• Electronic. 4′
A disturbing student score for a disturbing student film.
Ornamenta Rationalia (1972)
• Oboe and piano. 3′
Basic mid-20th century, lyrical, student serialism
Orpheus ∶ Morpheus (2015)
• Electronic. 5′
When the musicians need a nap…
Ouroboros (2018)
• Electronic. 7′
The worm turns
Palimpsest (2011)
• Electronic. 4½′
A setting of Le Dormeur du val by Arthur Rimbaud
Pandiculation (2020)
• Electronic. 5′
“Stretching and stiffening one‘s self when sleepy, fatigued, or after awakening”
Paucity of Reason (2022)
• Electronic. 4′
Abundance of fallacy?
Poscimur (2009)
• SATB choir with piano. [Latin] 3½′
Choral setting of Horace’s Ode I:32.
Precipitous Perambulation (2019)
• Electronic. 7½′
This all began one day walking home from the dentist…
Prepostronomics (1969)
• Horn, percussion, piano. 6½′
A little bit Hindemith; a little bit rock’n’roll. Revised and sanity-checked in 2002
Quartet vignettes (2003)
• String quartet. 18¾′
Subtitled “Daughters of Mnemosyne,” this is a suite with one movement for each of the Muses
Quartets vignettes (2010)
• Saxophone quartet. 19′
A “reimagining” of my 2003 string quartet
Raoul 1975a
• Electronic. 1¼′
Bleeps, bloops and blops quickly move from one speaker to another!
Raoul 1975b
• Electronic. 3¼′
I have always found this little piece to be suprisingly relaxing. Maybe you will too
Raoul 1977
• Electronic. 6½′
Ah, the Mighty Moog… ☺
Raoul 1986
• Electronic. 22¾′
This was an attempt to write “New Age” music. I was told it was too interesting…
Rare and Curious Phenomenon, A (original version, 1993)
• Electronic. 10½′
Put together with Finale® and a Roland Sound Canvas, this piece eventually became orchestral ↓
Rare and Curious Phenomenon, A (Phenomenological Pentiments) (2016)
• Orchestra. 11′
Orchestration of a 1993 piece for synthesizer ↑
Requiescence Piece (2020)
• String orchestra. 6½′
An elegy on the year 2020
Scintillations (2024)
• Electronic. 5′35″
Flashes of brilliance?
Slow Spring Sprung (1987)
• Electronic. 2¼′
Quick little number with no particular purpose
Snowball Earth (2014)
• Electronic. 30′
The original chill
Songs from Mortimer Collins (2022)
• Tenor voice, string trio, oboe, clarinet, bassoon. (Piano reduction provided.) 13′
A setting of seven poems by English novelist, journalist and poet, Mortimer Collins (1827-1876)
SONNETS to Sundry Notes of Music (2020)
• Soprano voice, string trio, oboe, clarinet, bassoon. (Piano reduction provided.) 17′
A setting of five poems that were published in a 1599 collection entitled The Passionate Pilgrim
Study (1987)
• Electronic. 3½′
A little number exploring the many possibilities of a Casio CZ-5000, if you can believe that!
Suite Nothings (2007)
• Electronic. 10¾′
Perhaps you would like a little after-dinner suite?
Synthesizer Madness (1986)
• Electronic. 4½′
Some people hate synthesizers. Could this be why?
Theme for 4 Clarinets (1976)
• Quartet for clarinets. 4′
I think it would be wonderful played on four basset horns, but sometimes I’m a bit less practical than others
Thus spake Arjuna… (1973)
• Organ solo. 5–6′
Very spacious piece which makes use of the organ‘s ability to hold notes forever, its tendency to be slightly out of tune, and its affinity for large, reverberant halls
Triode (1993)
• Clarinet, violoncello, piano. 4½′
Traditional, middle-of-the-road 20th century lyricism
Tropistic Daze (2020)
• Electronic. 8′
Involuntary realignment based on external stimuli—a song for our time
Walrus and the Carpenter, The (2005)
• SATB choir, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano. [English] 9½′
A jolly (yet dramatic!) setting of Lewis Carroll’s famous poem
Way Lies Before Us, The (1974)
• Flute/piccolo, acoustic guitar, prepared piano. 8½′
A very quiet piece for a very live room
Beethoven—Hallelujah from Christ on the Mount of Olives (1988)
• Orchestration for 10-piece ensemble [Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tpt, String quartet]. 6′
Useful for festive church performances on a budget, this arrangement is to be used with the normal choir editions.
Choral scores are NOT provided
Handel—Hallelujah from Messiah (2016)
• SSATTB choir, a cappella. [English] 3½′
The Hallelujah Chorus arranged for 6-part a cappella choir (or sextet?)
Inspired by an anonymous arrangement published in The Singing School Companion (1856)
Hawthorne—Whispering Hope (2008)
• Solo voice (or unison choir) with string quartet, oboe and piano. [English] 3¼′
A fresh look at the popular 1868 hit by Alice Hawthorne, who was actually a man named Septimus Winner
Mahler—Symphony no. 1 (2001)
• Arrangement for small concert band or wind ensemble. Picc, fl, ob (opt), bn (opt), cl 1/2, bs cl, a sx 1/2, t sx, b sx, hp (opt), cnt 1/2, hn 1/2, tbn 1/2, euph, tuba, timp, 2 perc.
(Well, I guess someone had to do it.)
New edition (2013) adds several corrections, cleaned-up percussion parts, and new, optional parts for oboe, bassoon, and harp


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