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Arensky, Anton (1861–1906)
Two Quartets, Op. 55
• SATB quartet [or choir?], a cappella. [Russian/German] 4′
Settings of two short Russian poems by Fet and by Lermontov.
Based on a publication by Jurgenson (Moscow) from about 1900
Three Quartets, Op. 57
• SATB quartet with cello. [Russian/German] 7′
Settings of three short Russian poems by Afanasy Fet.
Based on a publication by Jurgenson (Moscow) from about 1902
Barnby, J(oseph?) (1838–1896)
Voice of the Western Wind
• SSA choir with piano. [English] 3¼′
Lyrics by Stedman
Published as No. 29 in series The Coda: Supplementary Music for Public Schools
Copyright 1887 Ginn & Co.
Bartlett, Homer Newton (1846–1920)
Robert of Lincoln, Op. 250
• SSAA choir with Soprano solo, a cappella. [English] 1¾′
Copyright 1914 by G. Schirmer
Brahms, Johannes (1833–1897)
Three Sacred Choruses, Op. 37 (1859/1863)
This edition is now published by Mark Foster.
• SSAA choir, two soloists, a cappella. [Latin] 5¼′
  1. O bone Jesu
  2. Adoramus te, Christe
  3. Regina coeli laetare
Previously published 1865 by J. Rieter-Biedermann (Leipzig & Winterthur)
Bullard, Frederick Field (1864–1904)
The Pigtail
• SATB choir with piano. [English] 2½′
Lyrics by Thackeray
Published as No. 12 in The Laurel Octavo, first series
Copyright 1901 by C. C. Birchard & Company (Boston)
Costa, Sir Michael (1808–1884)
Damascus [Triumphal March from Naaman]
• SSATTB choir with piano. [English] 6¾′
Special Edition for the Sacred Harmonic Society published 1865, Addison and Lucas (London)
Published as No. 38 of The Standhope Edition Copyright 1908 by White-Smith Music Publishing Co. (Boston—New York—Chicago)
Dupont, Gabriel (1878–1914)
Chansons normandes
• SA choir with soloist and piano accompaniment. [French] 10′
Settings of three poems by Emile Blémont.
A new edition taken from a 1900 publication by Alphonse Leduc (Paris)
Foster, Stephen Collins (1826–1864)
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
• SATB quartet, a cappella. [English] 2½′
Published ca. 1893 by Wm. A. Pond & Co. (New York)
The Old Folks At Home
• SATB choir with piano. 2½′
1904 arrangement by J. M. McLaughlin of Stephen Foster’s famous song.
Published 1904 by Ginn & Co. (New York)
Grund, Friedrich Wilhelm (1791–1874)
Mass (ca. 1822)
• SATB/SATB chorus + SATB quartet, a cappella. [Latin] 45′
From the 1822 manuscript Bibliotheca Poelchaviana
Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450–1521)
Absolon fili mi
• SATB choir, a cappella. 3′
A classic. A masterpiece. Probably not written by Josquin after all.
Modern performance edition based on a scholarly edition, Publikation älterer praktischer und theoretischer Music-Werke, published in 1877 by Leo Liepmannssohn (Berlin)
Lachner, Franz (1803–1890)
Psalm 133, Op. 91
• SSAA choir, a cappella. [German] 3′
Originally published in 1849 by B. Schott’s Sohnen (Mainz)
Psalm 134
• SATB/SATB choir, a cappella. [German] 4′
First published, 1842, by J. P. Spehr (Braunschweig) in Mozart-Album (Erste Abtheilung), August Pott, ed.
Lacome, Paul (1838–1920)
• SATB choir with piano. [English] 4½′
Some Americans of a certain age thought the lyrics were “My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer.”
Arrangement by Dr. S. Austin Pierce, published as No. 58 in the Octavo Choruses for Mixed Voices series
Copyright 1887, G. Schirmer (New York); composed 1881
Miessner, W. Otto (1880–1967)
Our High School
• SSA choir with piano. [English] 4½′
Published as No. 4586 in the Octavo Choruses for Women’s Voices series
Copyright 1905, G. Schirmer (New York)
Moriacchi, Francesco (1784–1841)
Salve Regina
• SATB choir, a cappella. [Latin] 4′
First published, 1842, by J. P. Spehr (Braunschweig) in Mozart-Album (Erste Abtheilung), August Pott, ed.
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da (1525–1594)
Sitivit anima mea
• SATB choir, a cappella. [Latin] 2½′
The rarely heard ’Part 2’ of the popular 16th century masterpiece, Sicut cervus
Read, Daniel (1757–1836)
An Anthem (“Down steers the bass”)
• SATB choir, a cappella. [English] 3½′
Previously published, 1786, by Daniel Read (New Haven) in The American Singing Book (second edition)
Rinck, Christian Heinrich (1770–1846)
• SATB choir and organ. [Latin] 7′
First published, 1842, by J. P. Spehr (Braunschweig) in Mozart-Album (Erste Abtheilung), August Pott, ed.
Seyfried, Ignaz von (1776–1841)
Tantum ergo
• SATB choir, a cappella. [Latin] 1½′
First published, 1842, by J. P. Spehr (Braunschweig) in Mozart-Album (Erste Abtheilung), August Pott, ed.
Stevens, R. J. S. (1757–1837)
Crabbed Age and Youth
• TTBB choir or quartet, a cappella. [English] 2′
Previously published, 1844, in The People’s Music Book, Vol. 3 by George Virtue (London) and in The British Minstrel, and Musical and Literary Miscellany by William Hamilton (Glasgow), n.d.
Täglichsbeck, Thomas (1799–1867)
Five Choral Anthems (Fünf Chor-Gesänge), Op. 29
• SATB choir, SATB soloists, Brass ensemble (2 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba) or piano. 16′
Published, 1847, by Falter & Sohn (Munich)
Six Sacred Songs (6 geistliche Lieder), Op. 45
• SATB choir, a cappella. [German] 15‒26′, depending on how many verses you sing…
Texts by Albert Knapp
Previously published, 1863, by Falter & Sohn (Munich)
Three Tennyson Songs
  1. J. Francis Barnett, The Sea-Fairies
    • SA choir and piano. [English] 4½′
  2. Wm. G. Cusins, The Song of King Arthur‘s Knights
    • TTBB choir, a cappella. [English] 3′
  3. H. David Leslie, The Golden Year
    • SATB choir, optional piano. [English] 3¾′
Three choral works with texts by Alfred Tennyson.
Previously published, 1880, by Harper & Brothers (New York)


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