Three Tennyson Songs (ca. 1880)

• Choir and piano. [English] 11½′

Edited by Dean Crocker, 2017

  1. J. Francis Barnett, The Sea-Fairies
    • SA choir and piano. [English] 4½′
  2. Wm. G. Cusins, The Song of King Arthur‘s Knights
    • TTBB choir, a cappella. [English] 3′
  3. H. David Leslie, The Golden Year
    • SATB choir, optional piano. [English] 3¾′

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Previously published 1880 by Harper & Brothers (New York) as part of the collection Songs from the Published Writings of Alfred Tennyson Set to Music by Various Composers

John Francis Barnett , 1837‒1916 (London). Pianist and composer, studied at the Royal Academy of Music and the Leipzig Conservatory. Professor, Royal College of Music. Composer of oratorio, a piano concerto, cantatas and much orchestral music.

William George Cusins , 1833 (London)‒1893 (Remonchamps). Pianist, violinist, organist, conductor and composer. Studied music in Brussels and later at the Royal Academy of Music. Professor at the RAM. Organist to Queen Victoria’s private chapel, Master of the Queen's Musick. Conductor of the Philharmonic Society, 1867-1883. Composer of operas and ballets, a piano concerto, and much symphonic and chamber music.

Henry David Leslie , 1822 (London)‒1896 (Baschurch). Cellist, composer, and conductor. Honorary secretary of the Amateur Musical Society; founder and conductor of Henry Leslie’s Choir, 1855-1880. Founded several schools of music.

1. The Sea-Fairies
Slow sailed the weary mariners and saw,
Betwixt the green brink and the running foam,
Sweet faces, rounded arms and bosoms prest
To little harps of gold…

2. The Song of King Arthur’s Knights
Blow trumpet, for the world is white with May;
Blow trumpet, for the long night hath roll’d away!
Blow through the living world—“Let the King reign…”

3. The Golden Year
We sleep and wake and sleep but all things move;
The Sun flies forward to his brother Sun;
The dark Earth follows wheel’d in her ellipse;
And human things returning on themselves…

—Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809‒1892)

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